Jimmy Fallon Imagines Fox News’ Reaction to Pink Barbie Christmas Trees: ‘Oxygen Masks Just Fell From the Ceiling’ | Video

“We all know trees are green — and men,” the “Tonight Show” host jokes

Jimmy Fallon had some fun with a new trend from the holiday season for his monologue Friday night on “The Tonight Show.”

According to the NBC late-night host, a nontraditional hue has picked up steam among buyers of Christmas trees.

“This is fun, too,” Fallon said, transitioning into the gag. “Thanks to Barbie there’s a trend of pink Christmas trees. Might not be a big deal to you. But over at Fox News the oxygen masks just fell from the ceiling.”

Fallon then motioned like he was catching something from above.

“Take care of yourself before you help others,” he said, with his palm to his face as if holding a mask in an oxygen-challenged airplane. “We all know trees are green — and men.”

Fallon’s Fox News ribbing followed another holiday-related joke.

“Even on Amazon if you buy a gift right now the estimated shipping time is LOL,” Fallon quipped. “Yep, all over the country people are printing out Amazon links like, ‘This is what I would have gotten you.’”

Watch Fallon’s full monologue via “The Tonight Show” and YouTube at the top of this post.


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