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Jimmy Fallon Schools Pierce Brosnan in Classic ‘Goldeneye’ Video Game (Video)

It wasn’t a particularly fair match, though, as ”The November Man“ actor admitted he’d only played the game once before

It’s been 12 years since Pierce Brosnan portrayed James Bond on the big screen, but he got the chance to return to the character on “The Tonight Show.” Ever the big kid, Fallon asked the actor if he would face off against him in the classic 1997 Nintendo64 game “Goldeneye 007,” based on Brosnan’s first James Bond film.

Brosnan admitted that he’d only played the game once, quipping that he’d shot himself in the foot. “Goldeneye 007” would go on to rank as the third best-selling game for the Nintendo64, moving more than eight million units. Unfortunately, Brosnan apparently wasn’t one of those sales.

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The “November Man” star was clearly out of sorts as the match started, and Fallon quickly snatched up a gun. Meanwhile, Brosnan was trying to get his bearings and figure out the controls.

He tried his best, but the one-time James Bond was taken down by a late-night talk show host. “I thought you loved me,” he lamented to Fallon as blood poured down his half of the screen.

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The two men hugged it out in the end, with Fallon able to go on knowing that he bested James Bond in single combat.

It’s a good thing for him he faced Brosnan in a video-game world. In the movie world, he wouldn’t stand a chance. Brosnan is once again ruthless and dangerous as an ex-CIA agent in “The November Man,” opening in theaters Wednesday, Aug. 27.