Jimmy Fallon Taps A.D. Miles as ‘Tonight Show’ Head Writer

Fallon’s current head writer will stick with his boss when they upgrade time slots

In a move unlikely to shock anyone, “Late Night” head writer A.D. Miles has been officially chosen to lead the jokers at Jimmy Fallon‘s next job, “The Tonight Show.”

Miles is not only the lead scribe at Fallon’s current show, he regularly stars in show sketches, including the recurring Ragtime Gals: Barbershop Quartet skits. Recently, Miles played camp counselor to a young Fallon and Justin Timberlake, which you can watch via the below link.

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With the move, the new “Tonight Show” is beginning to fill out its organizational chart. Last month, “Daily Show” veteran Josh Lieb was named producer on Fallon’s current and coming late night shows.

Miles has been atop the writer’s room at “Late Night”since its inception in 2009. He is also known to movie audiences as Martin, the nerdy counselor to at-risk youth in 2008’s “Role Models.”

Fallon will sit behind the “Tonight Show” desk for the first time Feb 17. Seth Meyers, currently the head writer and anchor of the Weekend Update segment on “Saturday Night Live,” will take over “Late Night.”