Fallon Says a Physical Brawl Between Trump and Biden ‘Would Be the Fight of the Century’ Because ‘Both Guys Are a Century’ (Video)

Trump once again called for a physical fight with Biden on Saturday

Donald Trump once again declared on Saturday that he could beat President Biden in a physical fight, and Jimmy Fallon is pretty sure that “would be the fight of the century.” But that’s only because both men are literally almost a century old.

At a campaign rally in Iowa over the weekend — one of the few he’s been able to make amid his regular appearances in court, with more to come — Trump made a point to tell the crowd he has “a much better body” than Biden, and responded to comments Biden made about beating up Trump — in 2018.

“I think I could go like this,” Trump said, blowing a puff of air, “and he’d go down.”

“It would be the fight of the century,” Fallon joked on Monday. “Mostly because both guys are a century.”

Ironically, Trump also poked fun at Biden’s age during that same rally, despite being just three years younger than the president.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Trump has claimed he could — and would like to — take Biden in a physical fight. Back in 2020, Trump latched onto the same 2018 comments from Biden

“He challenged me. Do you remember? A year and a half ago. ‘Huh, I’d like to take him behind a barn,’” Trump said at the time. “And I said, you know, I said, ‘Of all the people in the world that I could fight, that’s probably the one I’d like to most fight.’”

He added that Biden’s “legs have gotten very thin,” so there’d be “not a lot of base. You wouldn’t have to close the fist.”

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue from Monday night in the video above.


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