Jimmy Fallon Offers Trump a Shocking Solution to Stop Falling Asleep in Court | Video

“The world’s first human shock collar disguised as a red necktie,” the “Tonight Show” spoof ad jokes

As a way to help Donald Trump stay awake during his hush money trial, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon jokingly pitched that the former president should wear a shock collar.

“I read that in an effort to stop Trump from falling asleep in court, his lawyers have been giving him a number of different devices. A number of devices? So far the only thing that can keep him awake is an iPad playing ‘Bluey,’” he joked on Wednesday night’s episode. “He’s like, ‘All right, I’ve seen this one. This is ‘The Sign.’ Very sad, but I like it.’”

Fallon then said that Trump’s ability to stay awake is so questionable, that his legal team had to bring in a kindergarten teacher to assist him.

“His lawyers are running out of ideas to keep him awake. They even hired a kindergarten teacher to stand in the front of the courtroom, like, ‘Eyes on me. Eyes on you. Eyes on me. Eyes on you.’”

Fallon’s last shot at Trump was his pitch for a shock collar that’s been crafted to resemble the republican’s iconic red tie.

“Yep, Trump’s lawyers are trying to keep him awake using different devices, and one of them is already on sale for the public,” he said, introducing the “Trump Shock Collar.”

“The world’s first human shock collar disguised as a red necktie!” the video narrator exclaimed. The video then depicted various situations with Trump hypothetically using the product. “Shock Collar. Stay Woke!”

Trump, however, has denied falling asleep in court, saying he merely needs to close his “beautiful blue eyes, sometimes.” He said in a Truth Social post that he’s always listening “intensely” and taking it “all in.”


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