Jimmy Fallon’s ‘House of Cards’ Parody Brings Back Familiar ‘Tonight Show’ Face (Video)

In a nod to the infamous subway train scene from the premiere episode of “House of Cards'” second season, Fallon faces off against a familiar foe on the subway platform

Jimmy Fallon loves his parodies of popular shows, and he hit upon a great one with his send-up of Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Fallon himself took on Kevin Spacey‘s role, mugging for the camera in a bad wig as he rules over “The Tonight Show” with an iron fist.

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Ellen Barkin is pitch-perfect as Robin Wright, wrestling over which slim-fitting black dress to wear. But it’s the end of the episode that features the biggest surprise.

Fallon had been pestered by text messages throughout the short. When he got one saying, “I’m thinking of getting back in the race,” he decided to take matters into his own hand. He asked the texter to meet him at the subway station, in a parody of the infamous scene from “Cards'” Season 2 premiere.

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Only, in this instance, it wasn’t the Spacey character who became a murderer. As Fallon confronted the person who’d been antagonizing him, he was shoved in front of the train himself.

Then, former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno removed his hat and said sarcastically, “Remind me to send him a thank you note.”