Kimmel Jokes Trump’s Tax Returns Will Be This Year’s Hottest Release: ‘See What Darth Tax-Evader Has Been Hiding from Us’ (Video)

“He promised to release these tax returns more times than he promised to release Melania,” the late night host joked

Jimmel Kimmel wants to see Donald Trump’s tax returns – but, just like everyone else in the world, he isn’t very hopeful that will happen. According to the late night host, our chances of seeing what the former president, whom he nicknamed “Darth Tax-Evader,” is hiding are slim at best.

During his monologue Tuesday, Kimmel discussed all the things that are weighing on audiences’ minds, like Herschel Walker lashing out about Raphael Warnock’s dog, Fox’s new holiday merch, and President Biden celebrating Friendsgiving by dishing out potatoes to military families.

Kimmel also discussed the holiday movie season, calling Trump’s tax returns “another highly anticipated release.”

“We may actually finally, maybe get to see what Darth Tax-Evader has been hiding from us,” the host joked.

Kimmel went on to explain that the Supreme Court unanimously denied Trump’s request to stop Democrats in the House from investigating his taxes.

“You know it’s bad when even Clarence Thomas is like, ‘I’m out, Bro, you’re on your own on this one,” Kimmel said before playing a montage of the twice impeached former president saying that if he won the 2016 presidential election, he’d release his taxes himself.

“He promised to release these tax returns more times than he promised to release Melania,” Kimmel added.

The host also touched on reports about investigators taking some of Trump’s golf shirts and photos of Celine Dion when they showed up to Mar-a-Lago to take back all the classified documents he stole.

“What is he doing with multiple pictures of Celine Dion? Is it possible he’s even weirder than we thought he was?” Kimmel mocked.

Then, Kimmel continued: “For someone who’s so careless with classified material, he’s so focused on keeping everything related to him secret, but we already know he cheated on his wife, he cheated on his taxes, he cheated on his business deals, he gives almost nothing to charity, and he tried to get an election overturned. Unless he’s also secretly the Chupacabra, what’s left to hide?

You can watch Kimmel’s full monologue in the video above.