Jimmy Kimmel Forces Fathers to Listen to Their Kids Confess ‘Potentially Problematic’ Secrets (Video)

“I got a tattoo about a year ago,” one daughter tells her dad, who doesn’t appear to approve

Although Jimmy Kimmel is eagerly awaiting videos of kids serving their dads breakfast in the shower, he aired another Father’s Day segment on Thursday to hold viewers over until the big day on Sunday.

In celebration of fatherhood, the ABC late-night comedian sent a camera crew to the streets to coerce strangers into confessing secrets they’ve never told their pop while they were standing right next to the man.

Some of the responses were, as Kimmel put it, “potentially problematic.”

“I got a tattoo about a year ago,” laughed one daughter as her father looked on in disbelief. “We’ll talk about this later,” he said.

Many of the fathers appeared shocked by the magnitude of the confessions, which ranged from ruining a lake house bathroom to stealing a gumball machine.

“I feel like she deceived me,” said one dad whose daughter confessed to having a secret cell phone she uses when her other one was confiscated.

Watch the video.