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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids to Resolve the Shutdown (Video)

Segment airs as the government reopens — coincidence?

Jimmy Kimmel turned to children to explain the government shutdown, and this is what he learned:

“The government should step it up and stop being little crybabies and make up their mind.”

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Those words of wisdom, from 6-year-old, Southern-accented Braxton (his pronunciation of “mind” is adorable) came during a new “Jimmy Kimmel Live” segment called “Kids Table.”

What do kids tend to focus on most in the shutdown? Parks being closed. Kimmel also addresses complex issues like how the president’s name is spelled, and what to do about our debt to China.

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Interestingly, the end of the shutdown came soon after Kimmel aired the kids’ segment. The power of the youth vote in action?

Watch the video: