Jimmy Kimmel Says the Only Way GOP Will Take Action Is ‘If a Gender Neutral Mr. Potato Head Storms a School’ (Video)

The late night host took Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz to task for their comments in the wake of the school shooting

Jimmy Kimmel dragged several members of the GOP for their supposed solutions to ending gun violence during Thursday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

First up, the late night host slammed Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has been getting flack for his comments about schools having too many doors. In the clip above, Kimmel starts out by calling Cruz “such an interesting character.”

“His need for attention is so powerful. He has been everywhere this week doing interviews… defending the disturbing allegiance these guys have to semi automatic weapons, which Ted says aren’t the problem. The problem, according to Ted Cruz, is that schools need to be more like prisons.”

Kimmel then rolled a clip from Fox News, where Cruz said that schools shouldn’t have “all of these unlocked back doors” and instead should only have once entrance that is patrolled by armed guards.

“I see. So this wasn’t a gun problem,” he said. “This was a door problem. Get rid of the doors, this all goes away. Makes total sense. Maybe we should only have an exit door on schools so no one can come in. They’ll see the sign and they’re turn right around. There’ll be no problems at all.”

Cruz wasn’t the only person who Kimmel took a dig at on Thursday. The late night host also criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson for suggesting that there could be a connection between the pandemic and recent mass shootings, citing that isolation had deterred people’s mental health.

“Ted Cruz is blaming the doors. Tucker Carlson is blaming the fact that we’re indoors. Kids are turning gay from green M&Ms. The only way these guys are gonna demand action is if a gender neutral Mr. Potato Head storms the school. Then it will be a big problem.”

Watch Kimmel’s monologue in the video above.