Jimmy Kimmel Admits Losing the Emmy ‘Hurt a Whole Lot More’ With No John Oliver in the Category  | Video

“Last Week Tonight” was moved from Outstanding Talk Series to Outstanding Scripted Variety Series for the first time

Jimmy Kimmel got a rude awakening during the 75th Annual Primetime Emmys on Monday night when “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” didn’t take home the award for Outstanding Talk Series. This happened after a rule change that moved the category’s longtime winner — “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” — out of Outstanding Talk Series and into Outstanding Scripted Variety Series.

“If you had any idea how much we — and when I say ‘we’ I mean the network talk show hosts, and you know who I’m talking about, all of our friends — complain about you being in our category,” Kimmel told John Oliver Tuesday night

A major reason for this frustration had to do with “Last Week Tonight’s” schedule and runtime. Unlike other late night shows, which air new hourlong episodes four to five nights a week throughout most of the year, “Last Week Tonight” releases new half-hour long episodes weekly. Its yearly episode count ranges from 21 to 35.

“We’re like, ‘This is crazy, it’s not fair. Why are we in the category with him?’” Kimmel said. “And they moved you out of our category. Guess what? We all lost again, which, in a way, hurt a whole lot more.”

Instead of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Outstanding Talk Series went to “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” Noah left the Comedy Central late night show in December 2022. Since then, “The Daily Show” has utilized a rotating roster of guest hosts until it announces a new permanent host. NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and the since-canceled “The Problem with Jon Stewart” on Apple TV+ were also nominated in the category.

“At least when I was there there was an excuse and you could all think you were second,” Oliver said. “It was a healthier situation.”

“I think we made a terrible mistake,” Kimmel said.

The ABC host went on to congratulate Oliver on his win. “Last Week Tonight” won Outstanding Scripted Variety Series against HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show” and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” So far, “Last Week Tonight” has been nominated for 61 Emmys and has won 28 times.

“I’m really grateful that we won the Emmys because I do think the Emmys are the only thing stopping them from getting rid of us,” Oliver said of HBO. “At least each year the Academy makes it harder for them to do that. Every time they say congratulations, it is sort of with gritted teeth.”

“You say that in a joking way but I know there is definitely some truth there,” Kimmel said laughing. Oliver then told Kimmel that there is “no tastier hand than the one that feeds you,” referring to the many shots “Last Week Tonight” has taken at HBO, AT&T and Warner Bros. Discovery over the years.

“There is a part of them that would like us gone. But they can’t because, ding-ding, golden things,” Oliver said.


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