Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers Toy With Idea of Recreating ‘SNL’ Beavis and Butt-Head Sketch at Trump’s Trial | Video

“He’d be so rattled if we were there,” Meyers says

As Donald Trump continues to appear in court for his criminal fraud trial in New York, late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers are debating showing up one day, just to mess with him. But, Seth Meyers predicts it would pretty quickly turn into something resembling the now-famous Beavis and Butt-Head sketch from “SNL.”

Appearing on “Late Night” as a guest on Monday night, Kimmel admitted that he would like to stop by the courthouse during Trump’s trial one day while he’s in New York. But, he really doesn’t want to go alone.

“I want to go down with you. ‘Cause listen, we know he hates us,” Kimmel said, with Meyers quickly agreeing, “100%”.

Meyers also painted a pretty clear image of what Trump’s reaction would be, if he actually did spot the two hosts in his courtroom.

“He’d be so rattled if we were there. It would be like that ‘SNL’ sketch where all of a sudden Kenan [Thompson] realizes Beavis and Butt-Head are there,” Meyers joked. “He’d have the same reaction.”

“Except even Beavis and Butt-Head-ier than that,” Kimmel agreed. Still, Kimmel had a possible plan for the duo.

“But what I would love to do is for you and I to go down there, maybe as a — because you know, he’s in some legal trouble — and, as a gesture of goodwill, because we are human beings, nice people, I think we should bring him a whole bunch of little bottles of ketchup,” he said.

The ABC host was, of course, referring back to the 2022 testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, who revealed that Trump had previously thrown a plate of food against a wall, resulting in “ketchup dripping down.” Kimmel joked that ketchup walks the line between food and beverage, both of which aren’t allowed in the courtroom, so it may be a loophole for Trump.

Kimmel wondered exactly “how close” he and Meyers could get to Trump, in terms of emotional hijinks.

You can watch Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel plot together in the video above.


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