Jimmy Kimmel’s Vomiting LA Bowl Mascot Is Surprisingly Awesome (Video)

Honestly we hope this isn’t just a joke and Kimmel’s “Jimmy Kamel” will actually be at the game

One of the weirder bits of sports news this year is that Jimmy Kimmel is the title sponsor of the first-ever LA Bowl, one of the many college football bowl games happening this month and in early January. That game, scheduled for Dec. 18, will be a face-off at Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, California, between Utah State and Oregon State.

And on Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel brought up the unhappy fact that his bowl game doesn’t have an official mascot. So in a very fun bit that came at the end of his monologue, Kimmel consulted with Dave Raymond, the former performer-turned consultant who has helped a lot of sports teams develop mascots, to make one up for the LA Bowl.

In addition to originating the Phillie Phanatic, Raymond has helped dozens of other sports organizations create mascot, with perhaps his most famous work being Gritty, the near-universally beloved mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers that debuted in 2018. And as we see in the clip — which you can watch above right now — he’s pretty damned good at coming up with striking, instantly recognizable mascots.

Raymond’s suggestions included a sort of Muppet-football hybrid, a Snoop Dogg-inspired mascot, a sort of Italian bro-looking dog character (our favorite), an anthropomorphic palm tree and finally another weird Muppet sort of creature with palm tree antennae.

But of course, Kimmel being Kimmel, he was less interested in Raymond’s generally appropriate-for-all-audiences suggestions. Kimmel wanted the LA Bowl to have something reflecting Los Angeles more specifically. They were all legit funny so here, see them all for yourself:

At that point, Kimmel and Raymond agreed to do a deep dive and come up with something that sort of combined the best ideas from Kimmel’s suggestions. At this point, the video ended and onstage, Kimmel unveiled the (we hope) final form of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl mascot: Kimmy Kamel that pukes. It’s so ridiculous it’s honestly brilliant, as you’ll see here:

We really hope this wasn’t just a gag for “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” because we intend to tune into the LA Bowl and we demand to see Jimmy Kamel puking all over the place any time a camera points at him.

As we said, you can watch the whole thing above. The Mascot stuff begins just after the 7-minute mark.