Joe Scarborough Wants Trump to Release the FBI Search Warrant for Mar-a-Lago Himself: ‘Stop the Scam, Stop the Grift’ (Video)

The “Morning Joe” host called on the former president directly to “let us see what they’re looking for”

In the days since the raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle have been calling on the FBI to release the contents of their search warrant. But “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough thinks the former president should clear the air and release a copy of the warrant himself.

The FBI’s execution of the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago was reportedly in relation to classified presidential documents Trump took with him upon leaving office. His lawyer Christina Bobb, however, has publicly maintained that they “don’t have anything” on her client.

“I think they just make stuff up and come up with whatever they want,” she told Real America’s Voice. “That’s the way they will have to proceed in order to actually try to indict the president.”

While speculation over the FBI’s intent and the legality of Trump’s actions swirl, it’s been reported that his camp likely has a copy of the search warrant themselves. The FBI has stalled on making its reasoning public, so why not have Trump clear his name himself?

“Donald Trump can release the warrant,” Scarborough said in conversation with co-host Mika Brzezinski. “He should release the warrant. If it’s such a scam, Donald — Hey, Donald, I know you watch — If it’s such a scam, listen to me: Release the warrant. You’ve got the warrant, OK? Stop the scam, stop the grift. Release the warrant. Let us see why they came into Mar-a-Lago. Let us see what they’re looking for. Let us see what illegal actions they believe you’re taking. You got the warrant in your hands. Let us see it. I think it will be good for America. And by the way, if it’s a scam, we’ll be able to tell on the face of that warrant. Just release it – now.”

Watch Scarborough’s full commentary in the video above.