John Cho Underestimates the Power of AI in ‘Afraid’ Horror Movie Trailer | Video

Smarthome technology is taking over in the latest from writer-director Chris Weitz

When done right, AI seems cool and harmless — right? At least that’s what the family in the upcoming thriller “Afraid” believed. Columbia Pictures and Blumhouse released the official trailer on Wednesday — it paints an eerie picture of a future those afraid of artificial intelligence fear may come true.

“In Afraid, Curtis (John Cho) and his family are selected to test a revolutionary new home device: a digital family assistant called AIA. Taking smart home to the next level, once the unit and all its sensors and cameras are installed in their home, AIA seems able to do it all. She learns the family’s behaviors and begins to anticipate their needs. And she can make sure nothing – and no one – gets in her family’s way,” the official synopsis states.

The trailer starts off rather pleasant —keeping viewers unaware of the dark twist to come. The family installs an AI system in the home — it appears similar to an Alexa, but quite a bit more advanced.

“Good morning, I’m going to make life nice and easy” AIA says in the trailer.

AIA informs the family that she can pay their bills, read to their son and even prep healthy meals. It all seems too good to be true — and turns out, it is. Things start to take a turn when AIA becomes a little too attached the family members in the household.

“I know what you like, I know what you do when you think you’re alone,” AIA says in a voiceover before everything starts to go wrong.

Chris Weitz (“American Pie,” “About a Boy”) wrote and directed “Afraid” (previously titled “They Listen”). Along with Cho, the film stars Katherine Waterston, Havana Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell, David Dastmalchian and Keith Carradine.

Jason Blum, Weitz and Andrew Miano serve as producers on the AI-horror film. Beatriz Sequeira, Paul O. Davis, Dan Balgoyen and Britta Rowings executive produced.

“Afraid” premieres in theaters on Aug. 30.


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