Demand for New Horror Movies Isn’t Highest in October | Charts

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The summer months are an ideal time to drop a new horror flick , according to Parrot Analytics data

“MaXXXine” (A24)

Horror movies are generally associated with Halloween and the fall season. But new releases in the genre premiere throughout the year, and this summer’s new crop of horror movies looks especially strong. Two franchises (Ti West’s “X” film franchise and “A Quiet Place”) are releasing their third title, while horror heavyweight M. Night Shyamalan teamed up to produce his daughter’s directorial debut “The Watchers.” And as it turns out, audience demand shows summer is an ideal time to release a new horror movie.

Share of horror movies by premiere month (Data via Parrot Analytics)

Parrot Analytics Content Panorama tracks the dates of past and upcoming film releases.


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