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John Oliver Crams as Much Asian-American History as He Can Into a 27-Minute Segment (Video)

Get out of here with that ”model minority“ stuff

John Oliver dedicated the vast majority of Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” to educate HBO viewers on Asian-American history. He treaded lightly on the way in.

“Before we start, I fully recognize the history of white people on TV generalizing confidently on this subject isn’t great,” Oliver acknowledged up front.

Much of the 27-minute segment was dedicated to the concept of the “model minority,” a phrase often attached to Asian Americans with generally good intentions, but one that also dismisses a member’s individuality and applies undo pressures upon those in the group.

Before Oliver got there though, he helped (white) viewers actually understand just how wide-ranging the term “Asian American” even is. Currently, Asian Americans make up about 7% of the overall U.S. population. It is the fastest-growing racial group.

And if you wanted statistics on income, well, he’s got those too.

Watch the video above.

“Look, I know this story has barely skimmed the surface of this subject,” Oliver concluded Sunday’s show. “But I hope that it’s at least introduced some of you to a bit of the history involved here.”

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