John Oliver Blasts America’s Sugar Addiction, Food Manufacturers: ‘Show Us Your Peanuts’ (Video)

The “Last Week Tonight Host” has the perfect plan for tackling obesity and measuring added sugars in food and beverages

John Oliver

Trick or … truth?

HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver took America and its sugar industry to task on Sunday, a work week ahead of the candy-swapping free-for-all holiday, Halloween.

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Oliver also used the opportunity to rip cranberries and the impossible-to-grasp metric system — but his worst insult was saved for the grossest of the holiday candies: circus peanuts.

“They taste like an elephant ejaculated into a packet of Splenda,” Oliver quipped.

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The HBO comic demanded that food manufacturers tackle the proposed movement of including an “Added Sugars” line within their labels’ nutritional information, but instead of measuring the sweet stuff in grams or teaspoons, Oliver wants it equated to circus peanuts. His plan? Rally viewers to adopt the social media hashtag, #ShowUsYourPeanuts.

Then Oliver made a lot of peanuts/penis jokes, closing with, “If you’re going to shove your peanuts in our mouths, the very least you can do is tell us what we’re swallowing.”

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Watch the video below: