John Stamos Jokes That Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Was ‘Hot Ones’ Da Bomb Sauce (Video)

“He would do that joke if he was alive, to me,” the “Full Hour” actor says

John Stamos faced the intensity of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity sauce on “Hot Ones” hosted by Sean Evans, and the “Full House” alum joked that the sauce killed his late costar Bob Saget.

“This is what killed Saget,” Stamos joked after struggling through the eighth sauce in the gauntlet. “He would do that joke if he was alive to me. He wouldn’t have waited a year and a half either. He would say the worst things.”

Saget died January 2022 of severe blunt head trauma from a fall in a Florida hotel room, though the exact circumstances of his death were never fully made public after his family won the right to keep autopsy details under seal.

Stamos recalled several memories with his “Full House” costar, including a trip to a strip club with the trio of guys — including Dave Coulier, who played Joey — where they were announced immediately upon entering the establishment.

“The show got picked up for another season or something. We were in Culver City, and Bob is always very like ‘I’m too famous,’” he said.

Stamos also baited Evans into trying to guess his brief appearance in “Private Parts” announcing Howard Stern as Fart Man, but Evans couldn’t remember, so Stamos threw his napkin at him.

“Who introduces him? He goes Hey, ladies, gentlemen. Oh, yeah, it was me,” Stamos said. “Good research you asshole, Who was it? ‘Oh I spend the whole week researching every person that comes in.’”

Evans claimed he hadn’t seen “Private Parts” in a while, to which Stamos conceded, and then he threw his napkin back at Stamos. Stamos told the story of how Luke Perry was initially supposed to be the one introducing Stern, but he bailed and so Stamos filled in after a call from Stern.

Stamos also asked Evans to call up his dad, who has seen Stamos play with the Beach Boys at Ravinia. Stamos offered Evans’ father free front-row seats over the phone the next time they were both there.

Watch the full interview below: