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‘Eternals’ Actor Barry Keoghan Arrested in Dublin for Public Intoxication

Keoghan most recently starred as the Joker in Matt Reeves’ ”The Batman“

Marvel “Eternals” star and Joker actor Barry Keoghan was arrested last weekend by the gardaí in North Dublin for public intoxication, TheWrap has confirmed.

Keoghan, who most recently starred as the Joker in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” was in the Clongriffin area of Dublin when the gardaí responded to noise complaints before 7 a.m. last Sunday from a resident who said Keoghan was outside their window, according to a report in the independent.ie which first reported the news.

When the Gardaí arrived to the scene, they found Keoghan in an “intoxicated” state and arrested him. Keoghan was then taken to the Coolock Garda Station where he was issued with a penalty.

When reached for comment by TheWrap, a spokesperson for Irish police force An Garda Síochána confirmed the arrest in a statement saying, “Gardaí arrested a man in his 20s for a public order incident that occurred in Clongriffin, at approximately 6:45am, Sunday 10th April 2022. He was later released without charge and issued with an FCN [Fixed Charge Notice].”

Previously, TheWrap attended a screening of “The Batman” held on the Warner Bros. lot earlier in February, and afterward, there was a Q&A with Pattinson, director Matt Reeves, Zoë Kravitz (who plays Selina Kyle/Catwoman) and producer Dylan Clark. One of the first questions from the audience involved the scene at the end of the film and who, exactly, the character was.

“Who do you think he is? The unseen prisoner …” Reeves began. “He’s who you think he is. That’s who he is.” So there you have it: official confirmation that Keoghan (who had memorable roles in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” and “Eternals”) is, indeed, the Joker. What is perhaps interesting is that they were testing the movie, as recently as a few months ago, without the Joker cameo. It’s unclear if this was just to throw test audiences off the scent (and prevent leaks online) but clearly, a no-Joker version was definitely an option.

Reeves went on to explain how this version of the Joker character is very much born out of the story he was trying to tell with “The Batman.” “The thing about the movie is, it isn’t a Batman origin story but it is an origin story for every rogues gallery character that you come across,” Reeves said. “Selina Kyle is not yet the Catwoman and the Penguin is not yet the kingpin, and the character you’re referring to is not yet the character you’re referring to, but it is, in fact, him.” In other words: he’s got a ways to go before he’s leaving playing cards at crimes and unleashing poison gas in Gotham, but it’s still the Joker we know and love.

Representatives for Keoghan have not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.