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Jon Stewart Returns to His Glory Days of Ripping Apart Iraq War Hawks (Video)

Party like it’s 2004 all over again

Jon Stewart was at the height of his powers when skewering the Republican leaders who lied America into war in Iraq, and unfortunately, it looks like the “Daily Show” host is getting an encore.

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As Iraq descends into sectarian chaos once again, former Bush administration officials like Paul Wolfowitz and GOP Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain have been making the rounds on television talk shows, demanding that President Obama send troops back into the Middle Eastern disaster once again. The cable channel and Sunday show news media has a short memory, as Stewart so aptly pointed out.

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“Those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again, because of how… I’m kidding,” he cracked. “Because I think we all know four wrongs make a right, and in this current crisis, the news media has rushed to get the band back together.”

He then gave everyone a history lesson… dating back to the year 950.

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