Jon Stewart: Open Carry + Stand Your Ground=Uh-Oh

“Everyone’s scared of guns nuts. Even other gun nuts.”

Jon Stewart says recent open-carry demonstrations in restaurants could take a bad turn in stand-your- ground states.

On Thursday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart mocked the NRA for its recent flip-flop on whether bringing firearms to dinner is “weird.” He said the NRA, which originally questioned the practice, had caved to open carry activists.

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“Everyone’s scared of guns nuts. Even other gun nuts,” he said.

But then he started to worry about what would happen if someone brought a gun into a restaurant in a state with stand-your-ground laws allowing people who feel threatened to open fire.

“You have a right to carry a weapon,” he said. “That may cause a reasonable person to believe they are in danger of great bodily injury. And they have a right, if they feel that way, to respond with deadly force. It’s a perpetual violence machine. It’s gunfight at the Golden Corral.”

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Then he came to a horrible realization: “Wait a minute — this isn’t an argument about freedom at all, is it? This whole thing’s a business plan for arms dealers.”

Watch the video: