NRA Takes Stephen Colbert’s Advice, Apologizes to Chipotle Gun-Toters

Lobbyist says it was wrong to call armed Chipotle customers “weird”

Stephen Colbert has struck a blow for Americans’ rights to carry weapons into their favorite fast-food restaurants.

After advocates of open-carry laws demonstrated their rights by carrying guns into a Chipotle restaurant, the chain and others asked customers to please leave their guns at home. In a statement, the NRA said the demonstration was “weird,” echoing the sentiments of many others.

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On Tuesday’s “Colbert Report,” Colbert, in his conservative blowhard character, said the NRA were “liberal wackos.” He mocked the NRA for stabbing the open-carry advocates in the back — “when it should be shooting us in the front.”

Chris Cox, the executive director of the group’s lobbying arm, seems to have taken those words to heart. In an appearance on an NRA radio show, he backtracked from the “weird” comment, saying it was “a mistake.”

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“It was a poor word choice in an alert that went out,” Cox said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “But again, the underlying point here is: What is the best tactic to win? That’s what we’re interested in. We’re not interested in distractions. We’re not interested in arguing with the national news media over this. We’re interested in winning.”

Of course, there’s no way of knowing if Cox was referring specifically to Colbert’s criticism. He may have just been making the simple point that there’s nothing at all weird about bringing along an AR-15 when you get a burrito.

Here’s Colbert’s video:

Watch the video: