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Jon Stewart Admits ‘Hannity’ Obsession, Fires Back (Video)

Stewart offers a history lesson in feud with Fox News host Sean Hannity

Jon Stewart admits being “obsessed” with Sean Hannity‘s show – but only because it’s so backward.

After the “Hannity” host accused Stewart of an obsession with his Fox News program, Stewart said was fascinated by the idea that “our society is still weighed down by these burdens of a seemingly more medieval time.” He was talking about things like disease and terrible food.

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“My God,” Stewart said. “You’re the Arby’s of news.”

Stewart and “The Daily Show” host are feuding again over an armed Nevada cattle rancher who says he’s “ready to do what we have to do” to defend his land and cattle from what he perceives as federal intrusion.

Hannity said on his show that he can’t take “a comedic hack and his army of writers … too seriously.”

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“OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod!” replied Stewart, fanning away the vapors. “Sean Hannity knows my name! … I’ll be honest with you. The hack thing hurts a little. But the wound is healed by the ointment of your attention.”

Hannity said he believes in a proportionate government response to the cattle situation. Stewart noted that Hannity had no problem, however, with New York’s “stop and frisk” program, which critics say is racist, or with a police officer who blasted sitting, motionless protestors with pepper spray at a 2011 UC Davis demonstration.

Hannity, meanwhile, called out Stewart for inviting Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, to perform at his rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. He noted that Islam once called for a fatwa against author Salman Rushdie. Stewart conceded that it was a “mistake,” but said it was part of a joke. He also noted that Hannity’s show has welcomed Ted Nugent, who has joked onstage about violence against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And then Stewart offered a history lesson, explaining how one of Hannity’s beloved founding fathers handled the Whiskey Rebellion – a situation with some parallels to the Nevada dispute.

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