Jon Stewart Worries That China Is Even Doing ‘Rich, Entitled Celebutantes’ Better Than Us Now (Video)

Daughter of Hong Kong’s chief executive might want to cool it a bit with the taunting tax payers and the unemployed on social media

Jon Stewart Daily Show

Protests in Hong Kong have gone from chaos to a glorified hangout session — and the polite, somewhat peaceful so-called “Umbrella Revolution” has “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart wondering if there is anything America still does better at this point.

“First the Chinese beat us at business with Alibaba, now they’re doing protests better than us — they’re beating us at both the ‘Occupy’ and the ‘Wall Street,’” Stewart joked on Monday evening.

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Still, there has to be something China can’t touch us on, the comedian said. Thankfully, he came up with one: “Rich, entitled celebutantes tweeting stupid out-of-touch opinions — they’ll never top us there.”

Unfortunately, the 22-year-old daughter of Hong Kong’s chief executive ruined that U.S. claim to fame too, when she bragged on social media about expensive personal purchases made with taxpayer money.

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Of course, she didn’t stop with the boasting either. After taunting taxpayers, she blasted the unemployed who couldn’t help her buy fancy necklaces or shoes.

Which led Stewart to conclude, “Paris Hilton is like: ‘Take it down a notch.’”

Watch the video: