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Jon Stewart on What’s Wrong With Taking a Gun to Chipotle (Video)

”Bad news for Americans who like to hunt and kill their own burritos“

Jon Stewart explained on the “Daily Show” what’s wrong with taking your gun to Chipotle.

The fast food chain asked customers to leave their firearms at home after a weekend demonstration in Dallas in which gun-rights advocates took their weapons to Chipotle to exercise their Second Amendment freedoms.

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On Tuesday, Stewart called the company’s move “bad news for Americans who like to hunt and kill their own burritos.”

“Chipotle wants me to leave my guns at home? Spend 20 minutes at a casual fast food restaurant without a handgun? Why don’t I just let the king of England s— in my mouth? How about that? Tyranny!”

But then he got serious, explaining how the sight of an AR-15 might upset other diners. He brought up the NRA talking point that to stop a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a gun.

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“Here’s the problem with open carrying of assault rifles. No one else in that Chipotle knows you’re a good guy. They just know you have a gun,” he explained. “And here’s the thing even if you put up your gun and go, ‘Don’t worry, everybody! We’re good guys!’ That’s the kind of thing a clever bad guy might say.”

Stewart also took a shot at another fast food chain.

Watch the video:


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