Jon Stewart Shreds Paul Ryan’s Fake School Lunch Story (Video)

Former vice presidential candidate gets a story very wrong

Paul Ryan recently told a story of a little boy who didn’t want a free school lunch, but rather a lunch in a brown paper bag — because it would mean someone at home loved him.

The problem was, it was a mangled, distorted version of someone else’s story — and the boy in the story, now an adult, advocates for school lunch programs, as the Washington Post reported. On Monday’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took Paul’s lie apart.

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Paul said he had heard the tale from a woman serving in the cabinet of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and that it proved that school lunch programs provided “a full stomach and an empty soul.”

Except that… well.

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“Even though the woman in that story never actually met that boy, because she took the actual story from a book, and even though the actual boy in the story Paul Ryan was telling was not complaining about getting food assistance, but asking that when he got food assistance, could he get that food assistance in a brown paper bag because it could help him avoid the stigma of getting food assistance, and even though that actual boy, who’s now an adult, and the author of that story regularly make public appearances to advocate for free school lunches… point taken,” Stewart said.

Of course, Ryan isn’t one to get too bogged down on facts: Remember when he cut more than an hour off his marathon time?

Watch the video: