Jonathan Majors Domestic Assault Trial Jury Selected

Testimony in the misdemeanor criminal case is expected to begin Monday

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors attends the "Creed III" HBCU Atlanta fan screening at Regal Atlantic Station in February 2023 (Credit: Derek White/Getty Images)

A jury was seated Thursday for the domestic assault and harassment trial of Jonathan Majors, with opening statements set for Monday. The six-person jury – three men, three women and two alternates – was expected to hear evidence and witnesses testimony for the next two weeks.

The jury was chosen from nearly 40 candidates and, per a morning ruling by judge Michael Gaffey, will get to hear about the arrest of accuser Grace Jabbari, who was booked and cleared on a counter-complaint made by the “Creed III” star from the same incident.

Gaffey also ruled that what’s believed to be “prior bad acts” evidence will be kept under seal. Majors’ legal team had argued that the evidence would prejudice a jury and unduly harm the actor’s reputation.

Majors first arrived in a New York criminal court Wednesday to face domestic abuse charges from ex-girlfriend Jabbari, who told police that the Marvel star physically assaulted her during a March night out in Manhattan.

Majors has pleaded not guilty. Through his attorney, the “Loki” actor has repeatedly denied the allegations and says Jabbari was the aggressor that night. His legal team provided photo and video evidence to prosecutors and the press, but failed to have the matter dismissed.

Jabbari told investigators that Majors twisted her arm, hit her head and shoved her into a vehicle where the altercation began. He agreed to a temporary restraining order in June.

Majors was arrested March 25 and charged with three counts of third-degree assault, aggravated harassment in the second degree, three counts of attempted assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Jabbari was briefly arrested last month after Majors filed a cross complaint, but the district attorney’s office dropped all charges the following day.


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