Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Abuse Trial Gets Underway, Judge Set to Rule on Sealed Evidence as Jury Selection Begins

The Marvel star’s lawyers have maintained his innocence and say it was girlfriend Grace Jabbari who assaulted him

Jonathan Majors
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Jonathan Majors arrived in a New York criminal court Wednesday to face domestic abuse charges from ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, who told police that the “Creed III” and Marvel star physically assaulted her during a March night out in Manhattan.

Majors, who has pleaded not guilty, arrived for court Wednesday morning holding hands with current girlfriend Meagan Good. He was carrying a Bible and a coffee mug, the Associated Press reported, and did not speak in court, where jury selection got underway by afternoon and was expected to continue Thursday.

Through his attorney, the “Loki” actor has repeatedly denied the allegations and says Jabbari was the aggressor that night. His legal team provided photo and video evidence to prosecutors and the press, but failed to have the matter dismissed.

Majors’ defense lawyers spent most of Wednesday arguing the right to keep certain information under seal, arguing that it could create jury prejudice given the nature of the case and Majors’ celebrity status. A handful of news organizations supported the release of the unknown materials, which were discussed in closed hearing Wednesday; the judge later said he would rule on their potential release Thursday morning.

Majors was told that he was under no obligation to attend the daily proceedings, nor would he be compelled to testify. He exited through a side door and did not speak with reporters.

Majors is facing misdemeanor harassment and assault charges after allegedly assaulting Jabbari in Manhattan in March. She accused him of twisting her arm, hitting her head and shoving her into a vehicle where the altercation began; he agreed to a temporary restraining order in June.

Majors was arrested March 25 and charged with three counts of third-degree assault, aggravated harassment in the second degree, three counts of attempted assault in the third degree and harassment in the second degree.

Jabbari was briefly arrested last month after Majors filed a cross complaint, but the district attorney’s office dropped all charges the following day.

It was also revealed last month that the case will include a London Metropolitan police report regarding an incident from the “Loki” Season 2 shoot that prosecutors consider relevant. The report includes evidence of an additional uncharged crime, or “bad acts,” that took place around the time Majors was shooting the Disney+ show in September of 2022.


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