‘Superman & Lois’ Star Jordan Elsass Opens Up About Leaving Series: ‘It’s a Real Shame’

Elsass played Jonathan Kent on The CW show, part of the Arrowverse

Earlier this month, Jordan Elsass, who played Jonathan Kent on The CW’s “Superman & Lois,” revealed that he wouldn’t be returning for the show’s third season. (The CW said that they would recast the role of Jonathan Kent.) Now, thanks to a series of Cameo videos, Elsass is opening up about the decision and where he’s headed next.

“It’s been a tough few weeks, as you might imagine, with everything going on with the show,” Elsass said in a new video recorded for a fan on Cameo. “It’s sad, it’s a real shame. I know that I was pumped for Season 3, for sure, but what are you going to do? Anyway, mental health is definitely 100-percent priority. It’s pinnacle. It’s got to take precedence. And mine has been … the last couple of years … it’s been rough.”

In fact, Elsass calls into question whether he’ll continue to act at all. (Elsass has been acting since he was very young.)

“I need some time to myself,” he continued. “I’m still debating whether I’m even going to act for a while. I may go in a different direction. I know that’s definitely going to be disappointing to some people.”

Elsass played Jonathan Kent, one of the twin sons of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). Superman and Lois’ other twin son Jordan Kent is played by Alexander Garfin. At the time Elsass stepped away from the show, he had also been away from social media. His engagement with fans on Cameo seems to have broken this blackout period, and it’s understandable that he would want a friendly outlet to vent some of his frustrations and illuminate what was going on behind the scenes, regarding his struggles with mental health.

While “Superman & Lois” is typically described as being part of the “Arrowverse,” a suite of shows that shared continuity and had characters frequently crossing over (with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman introduced in other shows), it was recently confirmed as being set in another universe. Although if we’re going with the “Arrowverse” connection, it is actually the last surviving “Arrowverse” show after massive cancelations following the reconfiguration of The CW.