Judge Judy Sheindlin Continues Her Courthouse Reign in ‘Judy Justice’ Season 3 Trailer | Video

The TV icon will learn about new terms like “love bombing” when the latest installment premieres Jan. 22

Judge Judy Sheindlin is continuing her courtroom reign in the upcoming third season of “Judy Justice.”

In the trailer for the upcoming installment, which premieres Jan. 22 on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video, the TV icon keeps on presiding over her courtroom with an iron gavel and witty one-liners.

“So far you’re not losing, the only thing you’re losing is my patience,” Sheindlin tells one defendant in the trailer, while telling another “I see you’re not intimidated by anything, I can fix that.”

As Sheindlin encounters new terminology from younger plaintiffs and defendants — including the phrase “love bombing” — she is assisted by newly minted lawyer Sarah Rose, returns to the courtroom as the law clerk.

“It’s when your partner shows you affection or gifts in the first two or three weeks, leaving the other person —” Rose explains, while Sheindlin interjects, “with a lighter bank account.”

In addition to Rose, Sheindlin is joined by California board-certified court reporter Whitney Kumar, who serves as the court’s stenographer, and retired Los Angeles probation officer, Kevin Rasco, who assumes the role of the court’s bailiff.

Randy Douthit serves as an executive producer and director for “Judy Justice” alongside EP Scott Koondel and co-EP Amy Freisleben.

All previous episodes of “Judy Justice” from the first and second installments of the show are currently available both on demand and on the “Judy Justice,” “Amazon Originals” and “Judge & Jury” FAST Channels.

“Judy Justice” Season 3 premieres Monday, Jan. 22 on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video, with new episodes releasing every weekday until April 5. A second installment of episodes will drop later this year. 


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