Julian Sands Phone-Tracking Data Shows Missing Actor Was Hiking to Summit of Mount Baldy

An air search continues, while ground crews remain on standby amid avalanche danger

julian sands
Getty Images

Cell-phone data has revealed that actor Julian Sands was heading toward the summit of Mount Baldy in Southern California’s San Gabriel Mountains when he went missing Friday night.

Further attempts from the cell provider to ping the 65-year-old were unsuccessful, likely owing to a dead battery and the lack of cell service in the area, said the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office in a Thursday memo.

After a delayed ping sent from his iPhone’s operating system on Jan. 14 pointed to a possible location leading to the mountain’s summit, a search was conducted by ground and helicopter. They did not uncover any evidence as to Sands’ location.

As of Thursday afternoon, helicopter crews were continuing their search, while ground crews remained on standby due to avalanche risks and trail conditions, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office told TheWrap. Hikers have been warned to steer clear of the area, which has been deemed “extremely dangerous even for the skilled hiker.”

The spokesperson confirmed that Sands’ car was towed on Wednesday by his family, who were aware that he had gone hiking around Mount Baldy.

There is no information yet as to how long the search will continue.

Sands has appeared in more than 150 film and TV projects. His best-known work includes “A Room With A View,” “Warlock” and “Arachnophobia.”