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Chris Pratt Teaches Conan O’Brien How to Act Like a ‘Jurassic World’ Star (Video)

Pro tip: All you need to succeed is one reaction for every emotion

“Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt is no stranger to giving acting advice, and taught Conan O’Brien how to act like a movie star on Thursday night.

While discussing his latest role, Pratt explained that when it comes to acting, less is more. “The worst thing you can do is overact,” he said.

“The face that you give is really just — you should do nothing. That’s the key,” Pratt explained. “Because if they cut to a birthday cake, the audience should think, ‘I think he’s hungry for birthday cake.’ But instead they cut to a 60-foot dinosaur chasing me, and they think, ‘I bet you he’s scared right now.'”

Pratt proceeded to demonstrate all “three” faces he made for reaction shots in the movie for expressing fear, love and pure joy. Audiences can head to movie theaters this weekend to watch the latest “Jurassic Park” sequel, and find out if Pratt isn’t kidding.

Pratt’s display of emotion follows his “Jurassic World” co-star Bryce Dallas Howard‘s appearance on “Conan,” where she revealed her ability to cry on command, and got all choked up about Home Depot.

Watch the video.