Justin Bieber Avoids Jail After Pleading No Contest in Egging Case

The pop star was sentenced to two years probation and anger management, according to the Los Angeles County D.A.

Justin Bieber's Believe

Justin Bieber won’t be serving any hard time after egging his neighbor’s home back in January thanks to a last minute plea deal he made with prosecutors, according to a statement given to TheWrap by the a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The “Baby” singer was charged with misdemeanor vandalism at his arraignment Wednesday afternoon and after entering a plea of no contest, Bieber was sentenced to two years of formal probation, community labor and court-mandated anger management classes.

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Bieber was also ordered to pay his Calabasas, Calif. neighbors $89,000 in restitution for the damage he caused during January’s egging incident and must stay away from the victims and his family for two years.

That shouldn’t be a problem considering Bieber has since moved.

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Bieber’s representatives are expected to give a press conference later.