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Tom Hanks Teaches Justin Bieber ‘This Is How We Do It’ on the Dance Floor (Video)

Bieber took video notes and posted the performance on Instagram

Justin Bieber took a break from being music’s biggest bad boy to enjoy Tom Hanks dancing to ’90s R&B, and was kind enough to share the magical moment with the rest of the world.

The singer posted a quick Instagram video of “Forrest Gump” dancing to Montell Jordan, while wearing a yarmulke and a prayer shaw of some kind.

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“Haha Tom Hanks singing ‘This Is How we do it’ dressed like a Rabbi lol #thatdancetho,” Bieber wrote.

#WhyWasHanksHangingWithTheBiebs you ask?

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They were both attending music manager Scooter Braun‘s wedding reception over the weekend, because Braun is Bieber’s manager and Hanks is the nicest guy in Hollywood, so who wouldn’t want him at their wedding?

Watch Hanks break it down below:

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