‘Justin Bieber’s Believe’ Poster Could Silence the Haters

The pop phenom answers his critics in new look at upcoming concert film

Justin Bieber has been making the wrong kind of noise on his most recent tour.

There have been reports of visits to brothels, concerts curtailed on account of “food poisoning” and apologies for disrespecting the flag of Argentina. It could have gone better.

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The image rehabilitation for the “Baby” singer kicks off with the Christmas Day release of “Justin Bieber‘s Believe,” which features interviews with the 19-year old heartthrob and concert footage. It attempts to go beyond the shirtless selfies and the headlines to explain what drives Bieber to new levels of artistic excellence.

A new poster for the film hit the web this week, showing Bieber, back to the audience, in front of a collage of images of himself interacting with fans and performing. It promises to tell “the real story.”

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“Believe” is the second gauzy look at life as the object of teen girls’ hormonal lust for the Bieb-ster. The first such venture, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” debuted in 2011 and scored nearly $100 million worldwide. This venture is once again directed by Jon Chu.

Here’s the poster: