Harris Faulkner Thanks Democrat for Defending Kamala Harris Without ‘The Race Card’: ‘Rare as a Unicorn in a Sweater Vest’ (Video)

The Fox News host heaped praise on former New York State Sen. David Carlucci while sharply grilling him about the vice president

Fox News host Harris Faulkner abruptly interrupted her grilling Monday of a Democratic former state senator – who was in the middle of defending Kamala Harris’ accomplishments – to thank him for “not playing the race card.”

David Carlucci, a former New York State senator from Clarkstown, was a guest on Monday’s midday show “Faulkner Focus,” to which Faulkner returned this week after taking last week’s turn in the 8 p.m. ET slot vacated by Tucker Carlson. With Faulkner pressing Carlucci on what the VP could possibly run on, he let off a string of things he felt Harris could make talking points as she campaigns for another term.

“She’s a distinguished politician,” Carlucci said. “She’s the highest elected female, she’s tied with John Adams for tie-breaking votes [in Congress, with 29]. It’s an unprecedented role. She’s the first female as vice president – and I think the VP is always criticized and not taken seriously. But if you look at her record, first female attorney general, first DA in San Francisco, or DA of a big city – she’s got a long list of accomplishments.”

Before he could get through them all, Faulkner stopped him:

“You know what I want to thank you for?” she said. “And I mean, you did play the ‘woman card’ quite a few times, but you didn’t play the race card. On your side of the aisle, that’s as rare as a unicorn in a sweater vest.”

David Carlucci on “Faulkner Focus”

Unsure what to say, Carulicci didn’t answer, giving way to a brief moment of dead air.

“It is! Seriously!” Faulkner said, before the grilling resumed apace.

Watch the entire moment in the clip above.