Kanye West Blasts ‘White Publications’ Pitchfork, NY Times, Rolling Stone for Bad Reviews

“Please do not comment on black music anymore,” rapper says

Kanye West
Getty Images

Pitchfork gave Kanye West’s latest album a 9 out of 10 rating, but apparently that’s not good enough.

The “Life of Pablo” rapper took to Twitter to blast the review site, as well as other “white publications” like the New York Times and Rolling Stone.

“Please do not comment on black music anymore,” West wrote on Monday. “Pitchfork, the album is a 30 out of 10.”

Despite the rapper’s outrage, the site did not give the album a negative review. It also gave West’s seventh studio album, “The Life of Pablo,” the label of Best New Music.

Neither of the other publications he named gave the album outright negative reviews either. The New York Times called it “seamless,” and Rolling Stone praised it as “timeless genius.”

This is just the latest of West’s Twitter rants in the weeks surrounding his album release.

On Thursday, he tweeted that he was “53 million dollars in personal debt” and asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest in his ideas. Before that, he took on Taylor Swift fans and declared Bill Cosby innocent.