Kathy Griffin Rips CNN for ‘Misogyny’ in Firing Her but Bringing Back Jeffrey Toobin After Masturbation Scandal (Video)

“I think we haven’t really talked about the level of misogyny and ageism that went along with all of that,” Griffin said on “The View”

Kathy Griffin had some harsh words for CNN in relation to her firing while appearing on “The View” on Thursday.

The comedian and TV host singled out the “misogyny” and “ageism” that went along with her firing at CNN all while Jeffrey Toobin, who was reprimanded but not terminated after accidentally masturbating on a Zoom call with another outlet, remains on the air.

Griffin was asked by “The View” co-host Ana Navarro about her thoughts on the hypocrisy at play when U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted an image of himself violently killing fellow Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and remains an elected official, while Griffin tweeted a picture of herself holding a fake bloody head of Donald Trump and got fired by CNN.

“I think there’s another conversation that we’re not ready to have yet in this country unfortunately,” Griffin replied. “I think we’re hopefully making some strides, finally, with race – we’re having conversations at least. But I think that we haven’t really talked about the level of misogyny and ageism that went along with all of that.”

Griffin then went on to make the comparison to Toobin, noting the hypocrisy of him getting to keep his job after exposing himself. “I got canned from CNN, which hurt me a lot personally because I loved that gig, but then for me to watch Jeffrey Toobin talking about women’s choice after he masturbated on a Zoom call, which I know sounds funny but maybe wasn’t so funny for the other ladies who worked at the Atlantic that had to see that.”

Toobin, a legal analyst for CNN, took personal time off after the incident but returned to the air eight months later. Griffin, meanwhile, has not returned to CNN.

Watch a clip from the segment in the video above.