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Who Is Standing by Kathy Griffin After Her Reviled Trump Photos?

Debate has emerged over whether the comedian needed to apologize for the decapitation images

There is certainly no shortage of people who have shared opinions about photos that show Kathy Griffin holding what appears to be President Trump’s decapitated head. But not everyone agrees that she needed to apologize.

“Jesus f—ing Christ Kathy Griffin, you’re going to apologize?” comedian and ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ writer Mike Lawrence posted to Facebook on Wednesday. “You know what you did and should own it. It wasn’t a riff onstage or a joke you had done once or twice. It was a photo shoot … You wanted to shock people and you did. And now you’re admitting you farted but didn’t expect it would stink as much as you thought.”

Lawrence continued, “Of course CNN would fire you, and a—holes who don’t care about families and love to defund schools and social programs are crying ‘think of the children.’ You wanted a reaction and got it. So live in it. Don’t apologize. This is you now. Think of the next shocking thing. Be the Joan Rivers meets Marina Abromavic performance artist shock comic you always wanted to be.”

Meanwhile, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted about Griffin’s stunt by saying that she “didn’t find it funny at all.” But O’Donnell, a longtime critic of Trump’s, has also retweeted a number of messages from users who say that similar actions — including people burning or lynching effigies of Barack Obama — have not been met with the same level of outrage.

Additionally, Al Franken said he still plans to appear with Griffin in July at an event to promote his book. He explained that the two spoke and that she begged him for forgiveness.

After the controversial images were released Tuesday, Griffin issued a mea culpa, saying she “went too far.” The list of those who have condemned the photos is a lengthy one and includes Donald and wife Melania.

Meanwhile, CNN announced that she will no longer appear as co-host of its annual “New Year’s Eve Live” program, Squatty Potty dropped Griffin as a sponsor and Route 66 Casino in New Mexico canceled her stand-up appearance that was scheduled for July. And President Trump himself called the stunt “sick.”

However, some individuals have taken to social media amid the controversy to at least defend Griffin’s right to comment and provoke, even if they don’t necessarily with her exact method.

Check out a smattering of tweets below from people who appear to support Griffin’s right to comment on Trump. (Note: Some of the tweets contain profanities.)