‘Morning Joe’ Recoils at Katie Britt’s GOP Response Speech: ‘Made My Skin Crawl … a Chilling Reminder’ | Video 

“That should not be the future that’s predetermined for every woman in America,” The New York Times’ Mara Gay says

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” did not take kindly to the Republican rebuttal to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address delivered by Alabama Sen. Katie Britt on Thursday night, with New York Times’ Mara Gay saying it made her “skin crawl.”

“Mara, I notice you did not bring plastic fruit or a portable kitchen behind you when you came here this morning,’ co-host Joe Scarborough quipped in a reference to Britt being positioned in a kitchen for her address. 

“The entire night, it did seem that, again, Republicans were just on the wrong side of the issues, the wrong side of the polls, on the wrong side of history,” Scarborough continued. 

Gay noted that Britt’s address made her “skin crawl,” and “at the end, I kind of had to rewind to listen to what she was saying because all I could kind of hear was, ‘But the kitchen is my favorite place to be!’”

“Of course, you know, God bless. That’s fine,” Gay added. “But that should not be the future that’s predetermined for every woman in America.”

“That, apparently, is what Republicans want to see from women in this country, Gay said. “They want to strip away our rights. They want to be our doctor, our priest, our pastor, our father.”

Gay says “No thank you,” to that future. “This is 2024. Not 1900. I don’t know what country she’s living in, Katie Britt, but the one I’m living in is one in which we still have our votes and an equal say in what happens to our bodies.”

“I think it was a really important thing to watch because it was a chilling reminder of the future that Republicans apparently see for this country,” Gay noted. 

Britt’s overly dramatic response drew the ire of many on X, and The Daily Beast reports that even Republicans are unhappy about Britt’s performance.


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