Viewers Give Katie Britt’s Melodramatic GOP SOTU Response an F-

The Alabama senator gave the speech “from her kitchen because that’s where they think women belong,” activist Shannon Watts jokes

Katie Britt state of the union response

The Republican Party has had mixed results when it comes to their responses to Democratic presidents’ State of the Union addresses, but the 2024 response delivered by Alabama Sen. Katie Britt might just go down as the worst ever.

Delivered, apparently, from her kitchen, Britt’s speech attempting to rebut President Joe Biden’s combined religious moralizing and asserting facts about America and Joe Biden that were not supported by evidence, with a style of delivery that included obvious fake crying that turned into off-putting cheeriness on a dime. Suffice to say, it was roasted while it was happening and after.

How bad did it land? According to Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast, even other Republicans thought it was terrible. But they were far from the only ones. On social media, people across the political spectrum tore into the response with everything from jokes to simple, apt summations.

Social media personality Yashar Ali said it best when he shared the only clip Britt posted to her own accounts: “How did this happen?”

And his responses contained insights of their own:

Activist and commentor Shannon Watts called attention to a particularly cruel contradiction in Britt’s presentation.

And Watts followed this with the point that Britt’s assertions she cares about sexual violence were undermined by her support for Donald Trump.

Watts also noted the obvious symbolism of where Britt chose to film her speech, something other people noted as well.

Some people had jokes.

And there were quite a few references to “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The melodramatic quality of Britt’s response was also frequently roasted.

Much of the commentary was brutally succinct:

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And of course plenty of people suggested “SNL.”

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We have no idea how this will impact Britt’s political future, but we can be sure of one thing: Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal probably feel pretty good right now.


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