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Katt Williams Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Salt Shaker at Restaurant Manager

Altercation erupted after Williams’ family members allegedly take another party’s seat at the restaurant

Katt Williams was arrested on Wednesday night in Atlanta after an altercation at a restaurant, TheWrap has learned.

“Mr. Williams was taken into custody at our agency last night as a result of a fight at a restaurant,” Cliff Chandler, Atlanta East Point Police Department’s public information officer told TheWrap.

“The arrest took place at around 11:15 p.m. … apparently some members of his family had taken some seats at [Spondivits] restaurant that had belonged to another family. An argument began, and Williams arrived and the situation escalated, there was arguing with the manager and Williams subsequently — we’re alleging — struck the manager in the face with a salt shaker.”

According to Chandler, multiple witnesses corroborated the manager’s account. When law enforcement officials arrived, “There was bleeding from the lip and Williams had fled to a nearby Waffle House restaurant.”

After William was taken into custody, the comedian/actor was charged with one count of battery, but has since posted bond.

In March, Williams got into a physical altercation with a boy who was reportedly a seventh grader, with the whole incident caught on video. A week before that, he was slapped with a lawsuit by a woman who claims she received a severe beatdown while visiting his home. In February, Williams was taken into custody once again after allegedly punching a pool supply store employee in Gainesville, Georgia.

The restaurant was not able to comment on the incident. Representatives for Williams have not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.