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‘Hell or High Water’ Star on First Sign Movie Might Be Oscar-Worthy: Boob Sweat (Exclusive Video)

”I was like, ‘We’re part of something quite special,'“ Katy Mixon tells TheWrap of filming in 110-degree New Mexico

“Hell or High Water” has been a critical success and is now nominated for an Oscar in the Best Picture category. Star Katy Mixon tells TheWrap that she knew the movie was special from early on.

“I’m a person of gut, I’m a person of instinct — that one was really special,” Mixon told Stuart Brazell during a recent interview. “I knew when I met Jeff Bridges — and I had known Chris Pine because we had done a movie together back in the day called ‘Blind Dating,’ like 10 years ago — and then I met Ben Foster. I knew when I met those guys, I was part of something quite special but the script was so unbelievable, what Taylor Sheridan wrote.”

Mixon, who also stars in ABC’s “American Housewife,” added of the lauded film: “But I knew when we were in Clovis, New Mexico in 110-degree weather and I had sweat under the boobs and sweat in the neck, I was like, ‘We’re part of something quite special.'”

“Hell or High Water,” which has been described as a modern Western, stars Foster and Pine as brothers who rob banks to save their family’s ranch in West Texas. Mixon plays Jenny Ann, a waitress in a diner the brothers eat at before robbing a branch, and she gets questioned by authorities on the case.

Back in December, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan had told TheWrap, “I’ve heard people say ‘Hell or High Water’ is the voice of this frustrated, forgotten middle class. I thought it would be unifying, and I think it can [help us] recognize, ‘Oh wow, poor is just poor, and corporate greed is corporate greed. Look how similar we are.'”

In terms of how “Hell or High Water” reflects the current state of the world today, Mixon said, “I think it holds true to people trying to hold on to what they believe in and it comes with love, and Jeff Bridges’ character who is fixing to retire but wants to go out with a bang. It’s a beautiful western, it’s a beautiful story.”

Watch the video above.