Kayleigh McEnany’s Sister Kicks Off a Dating App for Conservatives, and the Reviews Are In: ‘Conspiracy Theory Tinder’

“Download it and swipe white!” one user joked

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Kayleigh McEnany’s sister, Ryann McEnany, kicked off the marketing for conservative dating app “The Right Stuff” on Wednesday, and the comments — including “conspiracy theory tinder” — are almost as good as the app’s promo.

“‘Will you have a cousins dating filter?’ ‘How is this different from a klan meeting?’ Don’t wait! Download it and swipe white!” one user tweeted.

The app, co-founded by former Trump staffers John McEntee and Daniel Huff, aims to get conservatives in “the right dating pool, with people who share the same values and beliefs.”

“We’re sorry that you’ve had to endure years of bad dates and wasted time with people who don’t see the world our way — the right way,” McEnany says in the app’s promotional video aimed at “young conservative[s] looking to amp up [their] dating [lives]”

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, invested $1.5 million into the app that was “created for conservatives to connect in authentic, meaningful ways,” according to The Hill.

Launching in September, the app will only accept two genders: “ladies and gentlemen,” with “no pronouns necessary.” “Ladies” will get a free premium subscription for inviting friends to join the app and “gentlemen” will have to pay if they want premium access.

“Wait, this isn’t an SNL skit?” one user asked, while another joked that McEnany was “leaning hard into culture war tropes in this promo”

Check out the funniest reactions to “The Right Stuff” from Twitter users below: