‘OITNB’s’ Keisha Zollar Wants to Have ‘an Uncomfortable Conversation About Race’ (Video)

“Orange Is the New Black” actress launches Kickstarter to encourage people sit down and talk

Keisha Zollar would like America to engage in an uncomfortable conversation about race — and kick in some money toward making it happen.

The comedian and actress, whose credits include “Orange Is the New Black,” notes in a new video that Americans constantly call for a discussion about race and racism, but never actually sit down to talk about it. With her new Kickstarter campaign, she hopes to make it happen.

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Zollar spoke recently with TheWrap about Lorne Michaels‘ efforts to add an African-American woman to the “Saturday Night Live” cast. But increasing diversity on television is only one issue that needs addressing.

She and collaborator Ian Stroud hope to raise $5,000 to assemble a roundtable of academics, leaders, social workers, comics and others to discuss biases, jokes, and assumptions people make about race.

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The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown is only the latest event underscoring the need for a talk, she says.

“How many racially charged incidents have to happen before we have a real, uncomfortable conversation around race?” she asks in the video for the campaign.

Watch the video below: