Keke Palmer Doesn’t Want to Set ‘Unrealistic’ Body Standards After Pregnancy as She Seeks More Action Roles 

“I just had the baby and they want me to be this representation of, ‘As a mom, you can blah, blah, blah!’” Palmer said 

Keke Palmer (Photo credit: Getty Images)
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Keke Palmer wants to take on more action roles now that she’s had her son. And on her fitness journey she plans to avoid setting “unrealistic” body standards. 

During a new episode of Palmer’s podcast “Baby, this is Keke Palmer,” the actress, singer and producer detailed how she’s always wanted to tackle comedy and action, which she said she was able to do in Jordan Peele’s latest flick “Nope.” After welcoming her son Leodis back in February, Palmer said her extra weight ended up being her strength as it relates to working out. 

“It gave me so much more to work with and mold with,” Palmer said, mentioning that didn’t want to foster the ongoing “snapback” trend women are often subjected to

 “I just had the baby and they want me to be this representation of, ‘As a mom, you can blah, blah, blah!” Palmer said. 

However, Palmer acknowledged that being an actress sometimes requires a certain fitness level and physique, and she doesn’t want her body goals to be seen as a body standard. 

“It’s my job,” Palmer said. “I don’t want people to think that I’m also setting unrealistic standards – because I can afford a trainer. I can afford meal prep. I can afford a lot of things and it’s expensive, but I’m investing in my career because it’s my career to look good. And not even that, but it’s my career choice to have this kind of career that I want to have.”

She continued: I specifically want to be in action. I specifically want to do certain things that would require me [to be fit], you know? So it’s like, it’s a personal choice. And so I never want to put that on anybody.”

Palmer’s acting career spans over 20 years, and she’s gearing up to star in “Sister Act 3: Kicking the Habit” with Whoopi Goldberg. She’s also a regular cast member on the Netflix “Big Mouth” animation spinoff “Human Resources.”