Kelly Clarkson Toys With Seth Rogen’s Argument Against Having Kids: ‘Well, I Do Love My Children!’ (Video)

“I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun job because it’s overwhelming,” Clarkson admitted, “but it’s a beautiful thing”

Seth Rogen is happy with his choice to not have children, and Kelly Clarkson, despite loving her own kids, sees his point. Sort of.

On Wednesday’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the “Knocked Up” star candidly discussed why he and his wife, Lauren Miller, decided not to have children. He expressed no regrets.

“It doesn’t seem that fun,” Rogen explained. “And most of my friends that are parents — God bless them — spend a lot of their time talking about how much they don’t like having kids. And what me and my wife spend a lot of time talking about is how much fun stuff we can do because we don’t have kids.”

“I can see how it seems that way,” Clarkson, who has two children herself, said while laughing.

“I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun job because it’s overwhelming,” Clarkson continued, “but it’s a beautiful thing.”

Clarkson admitted that she also didn’t want kids until she met her ex, who had kids she took on as a stepmother before having two of her own. She denounced all the pressure people would put on her to have children.

“That’s not everyone’s dream,” Clarkson reasoned.

Rogen said that he sees a lot of people having kids without even thinking about it because they just believe it’s the next step in life.

Clarkson explained that she deems those people as wanting “accessories,” rather than children.

“People describe having kids as brief glimmering moments of beauty amongst a sea of pain, whereas not having kids is just lovely all the time,” Rogen said. “I’m never like, ‘I wish I had kids, and I’m missing something by not having them.’ I’m more doing stuff all the time where I look over at my wife and she looks at me, and we’re like, ‘If we had kids, we couldn’t do this. This wouldn’t even remotely be on the table.’”

Clarkson said that’s what parents call “me time,” as once you have children, you have to “carve” that time out for yourself.

“All the time is me time,” Rogen joked.

“I think that’s really awesome, and I think it’s so cool to not pressure people and enjoy your life,” Clarkson said.

Clarkson joked that though she loves her children, maybe she’ll call up Rogen and his wife for babysitting.

“Well, I do love my children! They’re great. I’ll call you for babysitting,” she said.

Rogen took her up on the offer. “We babysit, we hang out, I love my friend’s children, probably more than they do sometimes.”

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