Kelly Garrett, Kate Redinger to Oversee Scripted Series in Hallmark Media Programming Division Restructuring

Jessica Callahan, Jennifer Kramer and Camden Simmons will lead holiday content and the DaySpring and Mahogany franchises  

Twas the Night Before Christmas
Albert Camicioli/Hallmark

Kelly Garrett and Kate Redinger will oversee Hallmark Media’s scripted series as part of a new restructuring of the company’s programming division.

The move is aimed at driving growth for its holiday content, advancing ongoing series development and deepening investment in its rom-com and mysteries movies and series. Garrett will guide the development of scripted content as vice president of programming, while Redinger has been promoted to senior director of programming.

Additionally, Jessica Callahan will serve as vice president of programming for the channel’s rom-coms, mysteries, hall of fame and Mahogany branded content, while Jennifer Kramer takes the same role for holiday content and the DaySpring brand. Camden Simmons will also lead a dedicated holiday team as director of programming.

The move comes after a small number of employees were impacted by layoffs back in January. At the time, Hallmark characterized the cuts as more of a shift in focus as opposed to a downsizing.

“In order to propel Hallmark into a new era of growth in content creation, essential adjustments to our programming team’s structure are imperative,” Hallmark Media senior vice president of programming Samantha DiPippo said in a statement. “By realigning the roles of our outstanding team, we are strategically positioned to enhance our storytelling and engage new audiences like never before.” 

In addition to its three cable networks – Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Mystery and Hallmark Family – the company operates a subscription video on-demand streaming service called Hallmark Movies Now, which offers commercial-free movies and series from Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Mystery and more.


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