‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Earns $2.6 Million at Thursday Box Office

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Martin Scorsese’s $200 million, Leonardo DiCaprio-starring drama was produced for AppleTV+ with Paramount supplying a global theatrical release

KIllers of the Flower Moon
KIllers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon” began its global theatrical run with $2.6 million in Thursday previews. The $200 million-budgeted, 3.5-hour crime epic comes from Apple Original Films, with Paramount supplying a conventional pre-streaming theatrical release. If it plays like a normal film in terms of Thursday-to-weekend math, it’ll end the Friday-Sunday frame with around $26 million. Its length and adult appeal mean we could see more casual viewership this weekend and over the long haul.

Pre-release projections have been in the $25-$35 million range, partially because Leonardo DiCaprio is among Hollywood’s last unmitigated butts-in-seats movie stars. However, Paramount is hoping that rave reviews and a likely-to-be-strong showing at the Oscars will result in strong post-debut legs.


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